Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Its been awhile since I've sat my butt down in front of the laptop to blog, but today I feel the need to vent.
My vent stems from the Calvin Klein "Plus-Sized" controversy. Honestly, I wanted to vent prior to this when I read some of the ridiculous comments regarding Meghan Trainor's song, All About That Bass.

Here's my first thought. Do you not have anything better to do? There's quite a few things that I think are worthy of gaining attention for women other than their size. I have weighed anywhere from 103 - 143 and guess what - it didn't change who I am as a person. My clothing size may have gone from a 3 to a 9, but I still had the same values and beliefs, and I continued to function in my life without any setbacks. My weight doesn't define who I am as a human being. Also, if you're not directly associated with me my life is really none of your business. I  think that most of the women that don't fit into your cookie cutter mold will tend to agree.

Save your thoughts on eating disorders because I feel you complaining about women sizes causes several disorders, which makes you part of the problem that your screaming about. How about using your voice for women in shelters that have been through horrifying situations. I'm sure their weight is not on the top 10 of their to do list. We have young girls and women being sold for sex slaves - Scream and complain about that!

Will there ever be a day when women will just focus on being a good example for our young girls by showing them how we can respect and empower each other? I don't care what color you are, where you come from, or what size you are. If you are living a life of good and not intentionally hurting anyone, I am proud of you.

Let's quit being petty and jealous, shall we?

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Being a Grandparent

It's Grandparents Day!

I didn't have the pleasure of growing up with my grandparents. I vaguely remember my grandfather on my mothers side, but obviously no real bonding took place since I have no memories of us. But, what I do remember is once I started grade school I longed for grandparents in my life. As I sat hearing other children talk about theirs I became envious. I wanted that experience, and to be honest, I built up some resentment against my parents for not allowing me the opportunity. The whole idea of grandparents was just a fairy tale to me, until I became a grandparent.

I thank God everyday for allowing me to be in the same city with mine, and allowing me to be a part of their lives. I am proud to say that I am a grandmother of 9 beautiful and healthy grandchildren. Each of them bring something different to the table, but everyone of  them has touched my heart and softened my soul over the years. They have helped me in my personal journey in ways that they will never know. One is the old me being a perfectionist. It was just yesterday while I was shopping with one of my daughters looking at china, place mats, and wine glasses, that I said, "what happened to my life - nothing matches in my house anymore." I use to be obsessed with this perfect living environment. Now my stuff has been spit up on, spilled on, cracked, chipped, broken, and honestly, I don't care! I've thrown out stuff that I didn't think I could ever part with, but I finally realized it's just stuff. I can always get more stuff, but I only have this moment in my life to create lasting memories. So thank you for destroying stuff and curing my perfectionism!

Also, my grandchildren don't judge my quirkiness and imperfections - they just accept me as I am. They're okay with me singing out loud, busting out a dance move, my funky haircuts, crazy hair colors, tattoos, and my all time favorite - eating cake for breakfast!

Some of my best conversations and fondest memories started at age 3 as we would sit enjoying a cup of coffee together talking about life. You would be amazed on how much wisdom and honesty they have. A lot can be learned from a child's perspective. I'm not ashamed to say they taught me a lot. Unfortunately, they have to grow up - which has stolen some time away from me, but I have to thank God that the communication between us hasn't stopped. I think we've planted enough seeds in each others hearts that our memories and love will grow eternally.

Grandchildren are the dots that connect the lines from generation to generation.
-Lois Wyse

Our Grandchildren

Monday, August 25, 2014


On Sunday I met some people that a glance most of us would assume that we have absolutely nothing in common. But as I spoke to a few I found that we have had very similar life experiences. It was a reminder of how we pass judgment on others strictly by outward appearance. Not one of us is better. In fact, the Lord has a custom designed purpose for each of us. Our looks obviously are different, but many of our souls are carrying the same heavy burdens.
There was an elderly woman that I stood by. She would softly say a few words to me and smile. I started out by smiling back or giving her nod as she spoke to me. As she became more comfortable in sharing her story I asked a few questions and commented on a few things, but I could tell that there was so much more that she wanted to say, but wasn't. I shared some things with her, and she listened, which led her to opening up and sharing  her pain with me. She was struggling with her grandson using drugs and stealing from her. She had been raising him for the past eight years." He's a good kid that got into drugs and did stupid things." She said that his mother and father aren't involved in his life at all, but she can't turn her back on him even though he wronged her. I could see in her eyes that she felt she had failed him. I talked about my experiences with addiction and how we need to learn the difference between being a failure and experiencing failure, and we need to look at our moments of defeat as our teaching moments. I asked her if her grandson prays, and she said yes. He will find himself I said. He's young and he's been living a life that we really don't understand. I asked her to think back to when she was young - we weren't exposed to drugs like they are today. It's a hard walk for some, and the demise for many I told her. I don't know what the solution is, but he's alive and you have to be thankful for that. She of course already knew everything that I expressed, but there's times when you just need to hear it out loud.
I'm thankful that I had the opportunity to spend a few hours listening and talking to this beautiful woman. She's a fighter - she' going to be alright, and so is her grandson.
 Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines. ~ Robert Schuller
Peace, Love & Hugs!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Giving Thanks During My Storm

I seem to be having a month of questioning answered prayers and hope.

I'm a very positive and optimistic person, but I've had several hopes and prayers lately that have led to disappointment. I see Facebook status about answered prayers, hear conversations on answered prayers, and wonder when will mine be answered?
I had this conversation with a girlfriend of mine yesterday and she expressed she had been feeling the same lately. It just so happened that she had read a devotional that morning which talked about answered prayers during our storms. She asked me if I thank God for the struggles in my life. No, was my reply. I had never thought of thanking God for the rough times, but it makes sense that I should - it's an act in faith. He wants us to learn to walk by faith and not by sight - to have faith during the confusing times. Let's be honest, it's not easy to give thanks during devastation, heartache, or when we feel like our world is caving in. But God wants us to give thanks and remember that He is in control and has not abandoned us. Life is full of situations and someday I will see His plan, but until then I need to give thanks for His promise. He really does understand our pain - I had to remind myself that Jesus lived this life and is acquainted with every situation that I face. He knows rejection, grief, disappointment, hurt, temptation, and loss. I am to give thanks in all circumstances and be a faithful steward of all the life that surrounds me.

1 Thessalonians 5:18English Standard Version (ESV)
18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
English Standard Version (ESV)

Peace, Love & Hugs!

Monday, August 18, 2014

A Long Season

I've been having a few thoughts lately about acceptance. With age and experience I have learned not to judge or make assumptions, but I seem to be faced daily with people that are bugging the hell out of me. I'm thankful that I'm not as quick to react, but I have to admit that I'm struggling with keeping my mouth shut. I know that I'm not perfect and I don't pretend to be; and I recognize that we are all flawed in some way or another, but attaining a Christlike behavior is a hard walk for me with certain individuals. I have to remind myself that "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me." (Phil.4:13) I seem to need that assurance and that divine strength through out my day. Which leads me to the question of why? I know that having a relationship with God doesn't remove my struggles or hardships, but why are these people still in my life? Is this lesson for me, or am I here for them to learn and grow. It becomes difficult to mentor people that you see no progress and no growth in. I can only be their cheerleader for so long - at least that's what I think. Apparently God has a different opinion because I can't seem to remove them from my life. Let's just say it been a long season. I want to be obedient, and as a believer I want to be identified by my love for others. I didn't grow up in a family that allowed me to be a believer of  love, so to love unconditionally has been a challenge for me, but with the wisdom that comes with age I know that this is what I'm on earth for. I'm reminded of the new commandment that Jesus issued during his last meal. " Love one another, even as I have loved you." (v.34) So, I'm leaning on that reminder along with one of my favorite quotes. "If we can learn to open our hearts, anyone, including the people who drive us crazy, can be our teacher." -Pema Chodron  Maybe the lesson is for me!

Peace, love, and hugs!


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Friends For Life!

I woke up thinking about the people in my life. Not my family or acquaintances, I'm talking about my friends that are loyal companions. The one's that are always cheering for you, building you up when you're feeling down, and know how you're feeling with no words exchanged. I'm thankful that I have established a friendship as such, but it doesn't happen automatically. It must be built little by little, but once it's created, you can't separate it. It's similar to a marriage - it involves trust and work. You work through the good and the bad, and through the ups and the downs of the changes that come your way during the relationship. It takes commitment, respect, love, humility, and faith. Lasting relationships involve willingness to give and receive, and not just material items. You need to be the kind of friend that when you say you can count on me whenever you need me, you mean it. You need to be able to give of yourself mutually. We'd all love to have a faithful friend, but forget that a lasting relationship is a mutual effort - there needs to be balance.

I'm still not quite sure why I woke up thinking about friendship, but I'm thankful that my good friend has been in my life for 25 years. We have mutual respect for one another, genuine commitment, and faith in God. Maybe my message this morning was a reminder for me to be grateful for the friendship that I've been blessed with, so with that being said, thank you Denise Germroth for your unconditional friendship, and thank you God for the blessing of a true friend.

Life without friendship is like the sky without the sun.

Peace, love and hugs!